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24h June Zoom Fest

The festival returns on June 7th at 9PM EST time with a thrilling line up of artists. 


Cris Eli Blak, Olivia Brummet, Raven Cassell, Sarahjeen Francois and Niara Mae 



Ramad Carter, Maya Castro, Sofia Gregory, Lena Kutscher and Clara Wiest.



Joshua Banbury, Dena Brody, Jax Collins, Niki Chernitska, Payton Crispe, Dan Golden, Renee Harrison, Jasmine R. Howard, Ana Moioli, Nathan Mullen, Jak Watson, and Socks Whitmore.

For more information about how to participate to the July edition, please contact


Panel Discussion

Co-Artistic Director Federica Borlenghi was invited to participate as a guest speaker on a panel discussion on producing for theater online. The event will be hosted by the Commercial Theater Institute and the Innovative Theater Awards.

The event will be live-streamed on Zoom at 3PM. Contact us at to receive additional information on how to register to attend the online seminar. 

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Inaugural 24h Zoom Fest

We are inaugurating our online virtual programming by launching our very first virtual show: the 24h Zoom Fest. 5 writers, 5 directors and 14 actors will remotely gather on Saturday May 2nd to create 5 original pieces specifically written to be performed on Zoom. 

The livestream will be available on our Facebook page on Sunday May 3rd at 9PM EST time. The event is officially licensed by The 24h Plays Company.

For more information on how to participate in the next edition of the festival contact

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